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Art Jamming - Highly Productive Colourful Team

You might be having sleepless night over your teams that you are working with, for not getting the work done. Your team used to be aggressive in achieving goals and solving problems, but now, the momentum is gone.

“We have various teams and departments, but they are just not synergized to achieve the business goals and moving towards the same direction.”

“The team is inefficient even thought we have employed more staff.”

Everyone is worn out, confused, or maybe even heading to the wrong path. Efforts are wasted and tasks are duplicated always. The staff turn over is just too high, that causes impact to the operation of the business.

The staffs are not proactively and creatively suggesting solutions, plans and execution to overcome challenges or achieve any mission. Staffs are not willing to put in any extra effort in the job.

“We just doesn’t know what the other department wants, and we better just work on our own tasks.”

Does the above sound familiar to you? If it is the reality now, it is time to get everyone realigned, revitalize them again. It is common that a team or any individual may loss momentum, mind blocked, negative energy, unaware, loss direction, disconnected, demotivated and etc at time, especially lack of staying in high awareness and cross influential environment.

External force of change or external motivation will only last a short while. The best influential and momentum to change has to come from the inner self of a person, and it is lasting. This training programme is designed to achieve that result, covering topics that are not teach in the school.

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Art Jamming - Highly Productive Colourful Team

This is a very unique and creative team-building training programme which applying hands-on arts as a medium to carry out the topics of discussion. It will be definitely the most unique experience of your team-building event. It is common that people forget to review their fundamental values, forget to address their own core values, or unaware of their core values, especially in a hectic working, business environment and life style. That in turn leaded to weakening in team spirit.  This training is to address various core values, which are the fundamental of business, organization, team and individual.

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Art Jamming - Violet Leadership

The training will address leadership from philosophical perspective, which is the most critical and fundamental level, as leaders build up by their leadership mindset and charismatic, they can easily attract and draw followers.  The Art Jamming activities will put individual out of their comfort zone, instill out-of-box thinking, truth expressing, building self-confident, appreciation, responsibility and etc., addressing those values that are the most important for a charismatic leadership.

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