David Chew CQ

The Vision

"Let the Art Touches Every Soul" is the vision and momentum that drives me as an artist who keep on create artworks with its unique values.  I hope you enjoy viewing the artworks, and going in-depth conversation with them, so they can bring you an awareness in life of this moment, as I believe this is the value of my artworks, and the purpose of me as an artist.

I believe Appreciation, Acceptance, Integrity and Sharing are the core values that serves as the guidance of me in the business as an Artrepreneur and trainer.

How it comes about...

As an artist and corporate leader for more than 20 years allow me to combine both spectrums to bring reflective massages in my artworks as well as impactful and unique corporate training programmes with creative engagement.

I hope the values of the artworks, be it aesthetic value or implicit value, are able to engage into your daily life, beside enjoy on it's aesthetic value, be reminded with it's implicit value -- the message carry by the artworks.  As an artist who born in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo; I would also like to bring the diversity culture values in Borneo to the world.

David Chew,
Artist, Corporate Leader & Motivational Trainer

David's Story

David Chew is one of the rare Abstract Expressionist artists in Sarawak, Malaysia (Borneo).  He was trained by established artist in Impressionist painting since childhood, and developed with more than 17 years of experiences in Abstract Expressionism painting.  His subjects of painting are concept, philosophy, emotions, feeling and recording of incidents.

Currently, he is the President of a prestige Artists Society -- the Sarawak Artists Society.  He is also the member artist of the Malaysia National Visual Arts Gallery. He participated in various art projects and exhibitions domestically and internationally, such as invited to the International Art Camp in Poland (organized by Poland artists & authority), Art Camp in Kota Kinabalu (organized by the National Arts Gallery), Exhibition in National Arts Gallery, etc.  His artworks are collected locally and abroad by collectors ranging from corporate to individual.

He believes "An Art is more than just a physical presentation as she united the world of mind-body."  The purpose of being an artist is to allow his creation of artworks to touches every soul and creating awareness in every individual’s life journey.

On the other side of David, he is a corporate leader who plays a CEO role of a Business & Accounting College, vice-chairman of a multidisciplinary group of businesses ranging from business consulting, technology, to education.  He had involved with projects based in China since 2007, and has good experiences in China and Malaysia business dealing from his experience of working in North West China, Beijing and ChongQing for numerous of years. 

David is also actively involves in business related Non-Profit Organisation, currently he holds the Presidentship of Sarawak Entrepreneur Association, and Vice-President of ASEAN-China Entrepreneurs Association.  He also involves in facilitating the commercialisation of business ideas and business startup. 

With the dual identities of his, David combined both strengths from the corporate and art contexts; he developed an exciting, creative, impactful leadership & team-building programme – Art Jamming for Leadership & Team-building.  The 2 days 1 night training programme is utilizing art creation as a medium with various senses of engagement to carryout leadership and team-building training.

David Trainer 3

Next Steps...

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