Original Artworks

These are the artist's original artworks, each of the artwork is created to bring awareness to individual who interact with it, and you may consider collect them.

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Art Jamming Training - Leadership & Team-building

Application of art into training programmes such as Leadership, Team-building, and etc.  A creative methodology of training and learning, allowing participants to apply sensors in the learning process, achieving the change from within.

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Art Products

These are the products to bring the artworks' message into your daily life.  Allowing the application of arts into commercial and daily life, and yet remind you of your awareness from the interaction with the original arts.

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As an Artist & Motivational Trainer

As an Artist, David is fascinated in creating artworks that bring messages to create awareness to anyone who has interaction with his artworks.  He believes "Let the Art Touches Every Soul", his creation brings reflection, positive energy, and motivation.

As a Trainer or Speaker, David has crafted training programmes that combining both his experiences as corporate leader and artist.  He has been engaging in the business world for more than 20 years, with massive of experiences in corporate leadership, building highly productive teams with strong commitment to the corporate's purpose.

He applies philosophy and experiences of art creation into his leadership and team-building in the corporate world; with that he developed impactful, highly engaging, motivational, and transformational training programmes such as Art Jamming - Leadership & Team-building.



David Artist

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To be personally inspired and motivated, be the leader with charismatic, build a high productive team, join the Art Jamming - Leadership & Team-building Programme now!

Collect either the original artwork or merchandise to continue remind yourself about the awareness that you have come across.